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FRPGear Has Invented a New Sport Called FRPGEAR Fly-Fin Hydrofoiling

FRPGEAR produces hydrofoil Fly-Fins that are the most competitive on the market. FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fins are practical because they are the most efficient, safe, and durable hydrofoils for prices lower than the cost of actually making them. FRPGEAR hydrofoiling is a new famous sport. FRPGEAR’s new, advanced technological invention has created a safer cherishing experience because FRPGEAR created a new sport called FRPGEAR Fly-Foiling where you can plane effortlessly. The transition to planning with traditional hydrofoils and fins are impractical because of their inefficient and simple design. The oversized traditional hydrofoils create extreme hydrodynamic drag at low speeds and more at higher speeds. The traditional fin makes the back of the board sink more causing extreme drag at low speeds and more at higher speeds. FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin planes horizontally across the surface of the water at light wind and because of its minimal size, there is negligible drag from the hydrofoil part. The lift from FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin reduces the entire weight that is being supported from it including the board, sail, and sailor. There is negligible drag from FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin because of the high efficiency lift to drag ratio during high speeds and low speeds. The lift from FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin produces an advantageous effect. The advantageous effect of the lift produced from FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin is that the lift pushes the board upward, but not fully above water. This advantageous effect from FPRGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin which is producing lift improves your speed because the board loses most of its weight, so there is less hydrodynamic drag. The lift eliminates the heaviness of the sailor, board, and sail so the only negligible hydrodynamic drag left comes from the board. The board’s hydrodynamic drag is negligible with FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin compared to the high drag of the board with the traditional hydrofoil or fin because FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin upraises the board to reduce its hydrodynamic drag on all speeds. The traditional fin would make the board submerged, so you would have to have more liters in your board to keep it floating when you stand on it at light wind. During high speed winds, you could have less displacement liters and still be supported by your board’s hydrodynamic lift with the traditional fin, but with FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin you don’t have to use high displacement liter boards during light wind as you would need to use with the traditional fin. FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fins help to make your board adaptable to more inconstant wind conditions, so you can rely on only buying one board. With the traditional fin, most windsurfers buy multiple boards for different wind conditions because the traditional fin can’t support a common 100-liter board with the sailor’s heaviness at low speeds which would plane quicker at light wind. The boards with less liters are lighter, but they have less flotation, so you can only rely on using them during high wind speeds, or you wouldn’t windsurf on them without having the board being submerged under water during low wind speeds. Using FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin eliminates all the unreliableness with the use of traditional hydrofoils and fins.

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