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Unidirectional Fibers


We can all agree that what brings tolerable windsurfing is when you get on plane. Does everyone have their own different definition of planning? I would like to be informed of everyone’s helpful comments, so that we are all in agreement. I was recently debating with a few windsurfers about what planning is all about. The wind was 10 knots and those windsurfers had super light wind jp boards, fanatic boards, and starboards which are super expensive at $2000, so they bragged about how they could easily get on plane at 10 knots with their super expensive boards. They all had 11.5 square meter sails, and they all looked to be at least 220 lbs of weight. I’m about their weight except I had a smaller sail which was 11 square meters. After my debate, I judged it was time to show my secret of planning by racing them. After a few runs, they were convinced about my definition of planning at 10 knots wind was much faster than their no planning results with their super expensive boards. I used the utmost cost-effective FRPGear hydrofoil Fly-Fin which gave me the utmost realistic planning results at 10 knots while I raced those windsurfers. I told them that FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin was my secret accessory to what real planning is all about at such light winds. The videos that “Windsurfing Hydrofoil” creates was my reference for them to what light wind planning is all about. I would suggest everyone to watch all these videos on “Windsurfing Hydrofoil” because when everyone has seen all “Windsurfing hydrofoil’s” videos, I would be surprised if someone finds windsurfing technology that claims giving earlier planning results than FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin. The link to their channel called “Windsurfing Hydrofoil” on youtube is, and I recently bought another newer model of FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin because all the other super expensive windsurfing hydrofoils, light wind boards, and all the 1000's of dollars I spent on those super disappointing choices to get on plane earlier could not compete at all with FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoilFly-Fin after my scrupulous experience with those other super expensive choices too. FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin gave obvious planning results at the lightest wind conditions while the other super expensive choices that I’ve gave up using obviously didn’t give enough planning results to make those windsurfers tell me how quickly I’m getting on plane compared to themselves. FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin makes you plane the earliest and it makes other windsurfers tell you that your getting on plane really quickly compared to themselves. I had discovered that FRPGear’s utmost cost-effective hydrofoil Fly-Fin is the innovative solution.


You can see the direction of the reinforcing fibers in the pictures. High strength S-glass fibers go from the tip of the wing to the fin box without interruption. There is no attachment of the wing to the fin. The Fly-Fin is a single part. Such of an organic design delivers the maximum performance. 

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