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FRPGear’s ideal hydrofoil Fly-Fin invention is an innovative solution to windsurfing because anyone with different experiences of windsurfing can use our hydrofoil without having to use any necessary time of having to spend to learn how to windsurf on it. Traditional hydrofoils make you look extremely unnatural. Traditional hydrofoils are making your experiences worse than your previous windsurfing experiences. Traditional hydrofoils are extremely unnatural from the view of a spectator. All spectators view a traditional hydrofoil as being a simple, straight stick that replaces your previous advantages with windsurfing with disadvantages of making yourself worse. Anyone who has bought those costly traditional hydrofoils has eliminated their capability to experience the original sport with the utmost cherishing experience. Using costly traditional hydrofoils can make you look as simple as the simple stick that everyone notices which brings you above water. The stick that brings you above water makes you a laughable windsurfer because of the traditional hydrofoil’s simple design. There is less opportunity with costly traditional hydrofoils because of their simple design. Their simple design prevents you from slowing down in shallow waters. Any spectator witnessing a costly traditional hydrofoil would rather avoid ruining the original sport of windsurfing. The stick that brings you above water with a traditional hydrofoil is misleading spectators to be tricked into less opportunity of cherishing the original sport. The traditional hydrofoil ruins the sustainable opportunity of windsurfing while the board is planning on water. The timeline of windsurfing was always constant without traditional hydrofoils which ruined the originality of planning on the surface of the water. Traditional hydrofoils are misleading because they originate from a simple design that ruins original windsurfing. Traditional hydrofoils don’t originate as a sport of windsurfing. Those costly traditional hydrofoils make windsurfers detached from the endless opportunities of the original windsurfing. Avoiding costly traditional hydrofoils prevents yourself from becoming as simple as the design of those costly traditional hydrofoils. The timeline of windsurfing was constant with its changes. Windsurfing products had changed in sails, boards, and traditional fins, but the sport was the same over the future of it because planning on the surface of water was always in rare wind conditions. FRPGEAR created the innovative hydrofoil Fly-Fin that improves your experience with the original sport because the hydrofoil Fly-Fin keeps you planning across water with the board being horizontal.

The improvements invented by FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fins have caused the advanced opportunity of making yourself plane at the lightest wind conditions compared to any other windsurfing equipment. The large companies have extracted money ruthlessly without supporting their product with advantages as FRPGEAR does. Those large companies include jp, fanatic, starboard, and every other one in the windsurfing market. Their technique to ruthlessly make you buy their costly product is to brainwash their customers with propaganda. Their propaganda started when they made every windsurfer buy their narrow boards as when the sport came to being. They had to make more money from windsurfing customers by starting a propaganda mission of brainwashing their customers to buy costly super light wind, wide boards at $2000. The difference to plane earlier between a $2000 board, and the cheap, old boards was practically nothing. The difference between the old, cheap boards and the new wide costly boards is the money that those companies are extracting from windsurfing customers by brainwashing them on their ultra exaggerated benefits. The disadvantages of costly traditional hydrofoils, costly boards, costly traditional fins, and all the rest of the equipment from those tricky companies are that their new equipment that those companies keep selling by propaganda is impractical. The wide boards and traditional hydrofoils are more disadvantageous for travel than their propaganda of how their wide costly boards plane the earliest on the market. The buyer of those other companies’ disadvantageous products compared to FRPGEAR’s practical cost-effective product is shameful. The shameful victim of those disadvantageous products from jp, fanatic, starboard, and all the rest of them is left in despair to use the costly equipment with humiliation because of the uneconomical use of money that was made to expect to windsurf according to propaganda from those tricky companies.


FRPGEAR provides deep and small tuttle box hydrofoil Fly-Fins. FRPGEAR provides power box hydrofoil Fly-Fins. FRPGEAR’s hydrofoil Fly-Fin composes of S-glass, carbon, and aramid (kevlar) fibers woven in a unidirectional path in an epoxy matrix.

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